A Real Republic:Higgins

Michael D Higgins professed his honour at speaking at an event hosted by Labour Equality entitled ‘Vision, Mission, Values – A Real Republic and Ireland in the World’. Held in the Mansion House with standing room only, the audience heard from a distinguished panel who spoke about what the values meant to them, how they could be used to enhance equality and how Ireland can use them to rebuild itself.

Speaking alongside Michael D were Suzy Byrne, Niall Crowley, Robin Hanan, Alice Leahy, Eric Yao and Senator Katherine Zappone. All five are supporting Michael D’s campaign for the Presidency.

In his speech, Michael D praised the others for their work, and said, “The radical individualism of the recent past has failed. What has failed must not be revived. We need to get to our new place. I put forward, in direct opposition to what has gone before, my proposal for an inclusive citizenship: so that together, we can promote the creative and the cultural space in society that would enable us to get to a point of celebration of what is truly human.”

After the event, Michael D said, “These men and women share a vision and attitude that is so sorely needed in these times, towards the least well-off, and those more naturally hindered; crucially an attitude that will benefit us all, as a nation and a society in need of repair. For those of us with the political experience to act sufficiently on our observations on inequality in Ireland, the next seven years will prove to be a test of our abilities. Let’s make it all happen. Let’s make sure that this discourse is referred to regularly as the next President travels the country, and communicates with the people.”

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