Candidates Grilled By Tubridy

The seven presidential candidates participated in a live tv debate last night on The Late Late Show. Each candidate was introduced first and interviewed separately with the exception of David Norris, who had been on the show only recently.

Host Ryan Tubridy grilled the candidates on many matters including how they are financing their campaign, what they will do for the country and if they would accept the €250,000 salary.

Tubridy also posed hard questions to those candidates who have enshrouded themselves in criticism in recent weeks. Norris was questioned in relation to the much documented letter of clemency he wrote for his ex partner, Gay Mitchell was quizzed about letters he wrote, Mary Davis was forced to reveal the backing of tycoon Denis O`Brien while Martin McGuinness continued to be pushed as to his involvement in the IRA.

Dana was defiant when asked why she thought she could win the presidential race at her third attempt while business mogul Sean Gallagher confessed his Fianna Fàil links are purely a thing of the past.

Interestingly, Norris referred to Ireland as 26 counties while McGuinness professed the country as a 32 county nation.    

One reason why people should vote for them?

Mr Higgins says he has experience and he is committed to Ireland’s “skills and genius”.

Mr Gallagher says wants to bring youth and dynamism to the office. He will bridge the gap between enterprise and community.

Ms Scallon says she will protect the sovereignty of the people. She can be a President for all the people of Ireland because she respects everyone she meets.

Ms Davis wants to demonstrate that people matter. We can work to repair our reputation. She would contact the Government and the IDA to see how best she could be put to work for the country.

Mr McGuinness says we need a new Ireland and an inspirational leader. He has been at the heart of key peace agreements. We need to address the “brokenness” of Irish people

Mr Norris says he can bring the country with him. A vote for him is a vote for change.

Mr Mitchell says he will make his country proud and make his family proud.


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