Norris addresses Disability Payment Issue at Campaign Launch

While officially launching his bid for the Áras at the Dublin Writers’ Museum earlier today, independent candidate David Norris answered questions regarding disability payments he received while recouperating from Hepatitis.

Norris said he contracted a form of the disease in 1994, most likely from contaminated water consumed while on a visit to central Europe. Upon medical advice, he took leave from his post at Trinity College Dublin. However, his illness did not effect his senatorial status. Norris did not disclose exact figures in relation to these payments, believed to amount to thousands of euros over a period of sixteen years.

As a member of Seanad Éireann, Norris earns an annual salary of €61,073. In addition to this, he receives approximately €2,500 monthly through his pension from TCD.

Norris insisted he is once again in good health thanks to a “rigorous” exercise regime.

Also at the launch, Norris named Michael O’Higggins SC as the lawyer who advised him not to publish letters he sent to the Israeli government seeking clemency for his former partner Ezra Nawi who had been convicted of statutory rape. He said he did not wish to speak further on the matter for fear of becoming “repetitive”.

Looking to the future, Norris stated that he would put human rights at the heart of his campaign and, if elected, would aim to create a more inclusive nation that embraced those on the margins of society.

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