McGuinness Confronted By Dead Soldier`s Son

Presidential candidate Martin McGuinness was confronted during canvassing in Westmeath yesterday by the son of a member of the Irish Army who was killed in an incident after the kidnap of Don Tidey in Leitrim in 1983.

David Kelly, whose 35-year-old father Paddy was shot dead, approached  McGuinness in Athlone and urged him to name those responsible for the death of his father.

Sinn Fèin candidate McGuinness denied he knew the names of the IRA members involved in the kidnapping of Mr Tidey from Ballinamore.

He told Mr Kelly that while he sympathised with him, he was not a member of the IRA army council when it happened and repeatedly denied suggestions by Mr Kelly that he was a liar.

Mr Kelly said the Presidential election should be about truth and that was what he was looking for having never received any form of justice in relation to the death of his father.

He also said that he and his family had considered the coroner’s report on his father’s shooting and were now 100% certain that the bullet that hit their father came from the gun of an IRA man involved in the incident.

He rejected suggestions that there was any doubt about this and that his father had been hit in crossfire after gardaí and the army confronted the gang who were holding Mr Tidey.

McGuinness said the economy is central issue in the campaign and he would be discussing ways in which the President could make a difference throughout the campaign instead of focusing on negative issues.


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  1. Gareth Dolan

     /  October 11, 2011

    Leave Marty alone, this smells like a set up


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