‘Don’t pigeon-hole me’ – Norris

Echoing comments he made on last night’s ‘Prime Time’ debate, Senator David Norris urged the public not to “pigeon-hole” him as he is much more than a one dimensional candidate.

While being interviewed on this morning’s Ray D’Arcy show on Today FM Mr Norris conceded that many people view him as nothing more than a tripartite character – gay rights activist, Georgian architecture enthusiast and Joycean literature scholar. Valid aspects of his personality though they may be, he reminded listeners of his human rights advocacy and senatorial track record.

During the interview, he vehemently denied being “soft” regarding the age of consent and insisted that the safeguarding of children was of the utmost importance to him.

Despite the many setbacks encountered during his campaign, Senator Norris is adamant that he can once again turn the tide and regain lost ground. He was positive when Mr D’Arcy asked if he could bounce back from his recent dip in the polls – many of which now rate him as the fourth most popular candidate. He mentioned the fact he topped a recent Metro poll with 39% of the vote but admitted that such a high showing was aided by his popularity in urban areas.

If elected, Norris pledged to dedicate the first 26 months of his Presidency to individual counties in order to highlight and celebrate their various achievements.

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