Dana Stands Defiant Amidst Vile Allegations

Independent Presidential candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon has rejected vile allegations made against a member of her family.

In a TV3 interview this evening, the former Eurovision winner also confirmed that she intends to stay in the Presidential campaign, despite rumours to the contrary.

Ms Scallon said the only two times such allegations have been made were during a US court case several years ago and now during the Presidential campaign. She referred to allegations, which were of an “untrue, malicious and vile nature”, during a debate RTE’s Prime Time on Wednesday night.

Dana, who was visibly affected during the interview also referred to a “threatening” e-mail she has received, which is understood to have originated in the US.

A spokesperson has said her legal team in the US is dealing with the matter. An extract from the email shown to TV3 reads   : “HAHAHAHAHAH – The ***** finally gets what she deserves.”

The Derry native revelead that a freelance reporter had contacted her and said the allegation would be extensively covered.

Ms Scallon said it was an attempt to make her stand down, but she will not stand down.

There had been speculation today that she may withdraw as she has not been campaigning for the past two days and was thought to be seeking advice on her future plans.

However It it is now legally to late to have her name removed from the ballot paper, so even if she announced she was withdrawing her name would remain on the 27 October ballot.

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