Higgins’ Marijuana Admission Fails to Deter Voters

Despite revelations by Michael D Higgins that he smoked marijuana in the 1960s when he was a student at Indiana University, he still remains as Paddy Power’s favourite to win the upcoming Presidential Election.

With odds of 2/5 that Higgins will serve the next term as President of Ireland being published today, and with Sean Gallagher being his only real competitor with 5/2 odds, it is evident that Higgins’ drug-taking past hasn’t affected his chance at a shot of residing in Áras an Uachtaráin for the next seven years.

 Higgins has had little cause for concern throughout the entirety of his electoral campaign to date, with little or no ‘scandal’ coming to light which may have jeopardized his presidential quest. While his self-confessed dope-smoking admittance held the potential to destroy his chances of success, Paddy Power’s odds prove that even this was not enough to tarnish his good name.

Higgins was adamant that marijuana was as far as his drug-taking past went, but admitted that his peers dabbled in heavier drugs such as LSD, when questioned by the Irish Independent.

As previously reported, a Red C Poll which was conducted for Paddy Power and published on the 6th of October, showed the Labour candidate needed to do better amongst younger voters. However a survey carried out on almost 2,000 students from the seven universities across the country, indicated that Higgins can rely on the 34% of students intending to vote on election day to back him.

With less than two weeks to go until the next President of Ireland is elected, and with the apparent support of the nation, it now appears that there is little which Higgins can say or do to turn voters against him.

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