The Truth About Rumours Involving Dana Emerge

In a statement released last evening Dana confirmed that the “vile and false” accusations she referred to on Wednesday’s Prime Time surfaced during a court case five years ago, are of sexual nature and are now “conveniently” surfacing again for her presidential campaign.

During a 2008 court battle in Iowa over copyright issues, claims were made that Dana’s brother John Brown had sexually abused his other sister’s daughter Susan Gorrell.

Dr Stein, Susan’s father, who was present at the court hearing, told the courts that in 2005 John had phoned him to confess to the sexual abuse of his daughter Susan.

The sexual abuse claims were later denied by John Brown, a member of Dana’s election campaign team, and he was never found guilty for any of the claims made against him.

Dana said that a free-lance journalist had contacted her claiming that he was going to run a story dealing with the allegations and trying to implicate her.

The independent candidate further believes that the campaign of hatred is peddled from a specific source but she said that to walk away from the presidential campaign would be to give support to the orchestrated campaign.

Dana is expected to the canvassing in the Galway area today as she continues her race for presidency.

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