Dana tyre puncture theory quashed

Dana Rosemary Scallon’s theory that her campaign car had been tampered with has been quashed by professional tyre experts.

Her high speed blow-out at 100kmp left the occupants of the vehicle shaken but unharmed. Her campaign team claimed a tyre had been punctured 15 times.

But now experts are saying the punctures were caused by driving a flat tyre at high speeds in the moments after the blow-out, with the weight of the car on the flat rubber ripping it to shreds.

Marketing director of Advanced Pitstop, Eddie Ryan, said: “From the pictures of the wheel we can see nothing of any unusual damage.”

“We can see nothing from the outside of the tyre inferring that there was any mischievous damage. However, the damage is consistent with a car driven on a flat tyre.”

A source confirmed that although Gardai are investigating the incident they are not treating it as malicious.

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