Bookie can`t see past Michael D

With less than a week to go before the general election one bookie has opted to pay punters who backed Michael D Higgins for the Aras.

Boyle Sports bookmakers have decided the Labour Party candidate is certain to become the ninth President of Ireland and paid out to the tune of €125,000, with a further €100,000 to come if they have misjudged the electorate.

A statement from the firm read:

“This is possibly the most volatile market we’ve seen in years with so many twists and turns. The majority of punters have stuck to their guns and backed Michael D. Higgins. We’ve paid out early before and are yet to get it wrong so let’s hope this prediction works in our favour once more!”

Mr Higgins has been backed heavily in recent days and his price has shortened to 2/7, meaning punters would have to bet seven euro to win two.

Sean Gallagher has drifted to 9/4 with Martin McGuinness next best at 25/1. The rest of the candidates fall firmly into the “also-rans” category with Gay Mitchell at 40/1, David Norris at 50/1, Mary Davis at 100/1 and Dana brings up the rear on with a whopping price of 300/1.

The former Eurovision winner is also overwhelming favourite to be eliminated after the first count with Paddy Power offering the almost unbackable odds of 1/8.

Michael D Higgins is favourite to win most first preference votes at 4/11 with election turn-out of 50% to 55% being favoured by the betting community as the most likely outcome.

Paddy Power is also offering odds of 200/1 on Vincent Browne becoming President in his life time.

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