Gallagher: This Is Not About Me.This Is About All Of Us.

The next President of Ireland will play a huge part in setting the tone and defining the key issues that will help to transform Ireland.

The last two Presidents played a huge role in defining the issues that were close to their hearts and were relevant and current to the people.

Four months ago, I embarked on a tour of the country. Since then I have visited people in community centres, Chambers of Commerce, shopping centres and marts. What I have seen is a real hunger for a positive voice and a President who is above and beyond party politics.  

My campaign has reflected the views of those who I have met along the way. It has been cost effective, positive and forward looking. I have not engaged in negative campaigning and I have been proud that the thousands who have come out to support me and canvass for me have been incredible ambassadors for my positive message.  

If elected I will to use the Office of the President to focus on the single biggest challenge facing our country. I want to put enterprise at the heart of the next Presidency and help to tackle the scourge of unemployment and the negative impact on our communities.  

I believe the next Presidency should be about getting Ireland back to work, restoring our confidence at home and our reputation abroad. I want to set the tone, change attitudes and have a lasting positive impact.  

To that end, I would like to visit every secondary school in Ireland to inspire our next generation and extend the Gaisce Awards Programme to primary school children. I want to work to make Ireland more relevant to our millions of diaspora around the world. I would champion the cause healthy living, both mental and physical to our young people and bring the causes of the most marginal groups in our society centre stage. As President I would also work with the Government to have a celebration of the talents of Ireland in 2016 and showcase what is best about our country.

We need change our thinking and our language from the negative to the positive. I want to move away from what’s not working and to recognise and acknowledge what is. The focus must be not just on our problems but on solutions, options and possibilities.

This is not about me. This is about all of us. Because if I know anything I know from a life-time of working in communities and enterprise it is that there can be no new beginning unless we all put our strengths to work.

Sèan Gallagher

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