Gilmore Labels Higgins As Best Candidate

Labour Party leader and Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore has reiterated his stance that his party colleague Michael D Higgins Is the best candidate for the presidency.

Mr Gilmore also stated that the gap shown in the opinion polls between Higgins and Sean Gallagher could be bridged between now and Thursday.

“If people switch their vote the gap can be bridged between now and Thursday. Michael D Higgins has the political experience to do the constitutional role – remember that the last two presidents were constitutional lawyers.

“Nobody in this election has the track record of Michael D Higgins in relation to inclusion and working for people who have been at a disadvantage. He is a president we can be proud of,” he said.

He denied Mr Higgins had been making a point about Mr Gallagher’s business dealings yesterday when he said he respected entrepreneurship “as long as it was ethical.”

“No the point being made was if you look at what’s happened to the Irish economy over the last few years and you look at the collapse that has happened, the one thing that was missing from entrepreneurship and some sections of the Irish economy during the Celtic tiger years was a lack of ethics.

“Michael D Higgins was one of the few people who questioned what was happening during those years. He has conducted a positive campaign from the very beginning and was just reminding people of his track record,” said Gilmore.


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