Higgins Looks Set To Succeed On The Back Of McGuinness’ Allegations

Revelations which were made by Martin McGuinness on Monday night’s Frontline presidential debate, concerning supposedly independent candidate Sean Gallagher’s Fianna Fail fundraising activities at events as recent as 2 years ago, are set to blow previously made election predictions out of the water.

Less than 48 hours after the allegations were made by Sinn Fein candidate Martin McGuinness, all major bookmakers reshuffled their odds, ultimately reinstating Michael D. Higgins as the favourite to win tomorrow’s Presidential election. Bookies such as Paddy Power, BoyleSports, Ladbrokes and William Hill felt the need to shorten Higgins’ odds after they saw an influx of bets being placed on the Labour candidate.

Paddy Power, the main point of reference when considering bookmakers’ odds in any situation, have now priced Michael D. Higgins at 1/5. Sean Gallagher comes in at a not-so-close second place with odds of 3/1, while McGuinness trails behind with a price of 20/1. In spite of these odds, bookmakers still believe  Gallagher is most likely to top the poll, however they believe Higgins will overtake him once transfer votes come into play.

Conspirators may well believe that Martin McGuinness was already in possession of this knowledge, well before Monday night’s debate but held off until the very last moment to deliver this devastating knock-back to the frontrunner in the campaign trail, and they would probably be right. This titbit of information has already proved extremely successful for McGuiness’ campaign, who has already seen his odds slashed by Paddy Power, although he still has little chance of winning.

Contrastingly, Labour’s Michael D. Higgins has faired extremely well following the allegations against the ‘independent’ candidate, Sean Gallagher. Whether it was news of Gallagher’s somewhat shady past, or Higgins’ cunning and sly approach to the situation ( at first telling people to leave Gallagher alone so that he could maintain his ‘nice Grandad’ image, and later telling them to interogate him-once it became clear what Higgins was set to gain from the revelations), Higgins’ is nevertheless set to succeed at tomorrow’s election.

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