Higgins Looks Set To Succeed On The Back Of McGuinness’ Allegations

Revelations which were made by Martin McGuinness on Monday night’s Frontline presidential debate, concerning supposedly independent candidate Sean Gallagher’s Fianna Fail fundraising activities at events as recent as 2 years ago, are set to blow previously made election predictions out of the water.

Less than 48 hours after the allegations were made by Sinn Fein candidate Martin McGuinness, all major bookmakers reshuffled their odds, ultimately reinstating Michael D. Higgins as the favourite to win tomorrow’s Presidential election. Bookies such as Paddy Power, BoyleSports, Ladbrokes and William Hill felt the need to shorten Higgins’ odds after they saw an influx of bets being placed on the Labour candidate.

Paddy Power, the main point of reference when considering bookmakers’ odds in any situation, have now priced Michael D. Higgins at 1/5. Sean Gallagher comes in at a not-so-close second place with odds of 3/1, while McGuinness trails behind with a price of 20/1. In spite of these odds, bookmakers still believe  Gallagher is most likely to top the poll, however they believe Higgins will overtake him once transfer votes come into play.

Conspirators may well believe that Martin McGuinness was already in possession of this knowledge, well before Monday night’s debate but held off until the very last moment to deliver this devastating knock-back to the frontrunner in the campaign trail, and they would probably be right. This titbit of information has already proved extremely successful for McGuiness’ campaign, who has already seen his odds slashed by Paddy Power, although he still has little chance of winning.

Contrastingly, Labour’s Michael D. Higgins has faired extremely well following the allegations against the ‘independent’ candidate, Sean Gallagher. Whether it was news of Gallagher’s somewhat shady past, or Higgins’ cunning and sly approach to the situation ( at first telling people to leave Gallagher alone so that he could maintain his ‘nice Grandad’ image, and later telling them to interogate him-once it became clear what Higgins was set to gain from the revelations), Higgins’ is nevertheless set to succeed at tomorrow’s election.


Gallagher Controversy May Prove A Blessing For Higgins

Controversy surrounding Seán Gallagher following Monday night’s presidential debate, which was aired on RTÉ and chaired by Pat Kenny, may work out extraordinarily well for Michael D. Higgins.

Higgins who, despite being Gallagher’s only real rival in the presidential campaign, has been lagging well behind him in recent days. However following revelations which were brought to light by Sinn Féin candidate Martin McGuinness concerning all of: “independent” candidate Seán Gallagher, a cheque for €5,000, a brown envelope and a Fianna Fáil event, Higgins could soon regain his position as forerunner in the 2011 presidential election.

Following McGuinness’s remarks, Gallagher conceded that the allegation could possibly hold some weight, before unconvincingly claiming that he could not remember with certainty one way or the other, and then finally confirming that there may be some truth in the statement made by the Sinn Féin candidate. Michael D. Higgins, who managed to escape the Frontline interrogation unscathed, was reported by a poll carried out on The Journal.ie, to have emerged from the presidential debate in the best condition with 39% of the public admitting that he came across better than the other participants.

Whether Higgins takes pleasure in doing a character assassination on Gallagher, or if he sees it as his moral obligation to the nation (etc., etc., etc.), he has nevertheless brandished his opponent as being a candidate who “lacks substance”, and implied that Gallagher is somewhat dodgy (in relation to business ownership and tax returns at least), over the last week. Higgins’ proved the depth of his underhandedness when he refused to get involved in the supposed Gallagher scandal on Monday night, and then yesterday urged the public to seek answers in relation to the allegations when he said on ‘Midlands 103’ Radio yesterday that: “these remarks are very serious questions to which the public’s entitled to an answer and the answer should come quickly and it should be regarded as a matter of urgency”.

Whatever else, nobody can fault Michael D. Higgins on his ability to optimize on controversial rumours about his main competitor. It remains to be seen however whether or not Monday night’s presidential debate will infringe upon Gallagher’s ability to maintain his electoral following throughout Ireland and proceed to be the next President of Ireland. Whatever happens, it is clear that Higgins is far more cunning than anyone would have thought.

Higgins Scrambles for Unemployed Vote

Despite various polls reporting that Seán Gallagher is set to be the next President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins is unconvinced of his main rival’s predicted success on Thursday. Speaking during a Grafton Street canvass earlier this weekend, Higgins retorted that “voters are now looking for substance” (and this is evidently something he feels he possesses by the bucket load), when faced with criticism concerning his current popularity with electoral voters.

Michael D. went on to admit that he and Gallagher stand for very different things, and made a second attempt to discredit his competition by asking the nation to remember where he has been for the past 15 years and then to consider what Gallagher has been doing; in short, making light of Gallagher’s non-political background.

Throughout his address to the public, Higgins also segregated the unemployed by stating that those who are currently not working should vote for him and implied that his reasoning for this is that they are akin to him because he is, “somebody who has never had a share, somebody who has never had a company…I have never had transactions in business. I am 100 miles from the Celtic Tiger”.

Randomly, in a last ditch attempt to try and claw some of his lost votes back from the country, Michael D. Higgins went on to stress his level of fluency in the Irish language, as though this may endear voters to him.

Higgins’ undignified outburst comes alongside news that in three separate opinion polls carried out and reported on in the Sunday Business Post, the Sunday Times and the Sunday Independent today, Higgins and Gallagher are now in a two-horse race; a two-horse race in which Gallagher is destined to win.

It would appear that Higgins’ last hope of securing presidential victory, is to cash in on second preference transfers from his competitors. The poll which was carried out by the Sunday Independent showed that he may be in receipt of up to 35% of David Norris’ second preferences, 43% of Gay Mitchell’s and 35% of Martin McGuinness’. A poll led by Quantum backed up Higgins’ transfer success opportunity by revealing that he leads with 32%, in comparison with Gallagher’s 20%.

Mary Robinson proved that it is possible to succeed in a presidential campaign even if you are not the forerunner, when we saw her win the 1990 election, despite only securing 39% of the popular vote compared with Brian Lenihan’s 45%. Her transfer success in that vote, is something which Higgins’ needs to remember if he is to keep his spirits up until the end of the week.

Higgins Undermines McGuinness on Campaign Trail

Presidential candidate Michael D. Higgins, has hit out at Martin McGuinness by accusing him of using the upcoming election as an opportunity to justify and promote the IRA. Higgins’ unprovoked attack on McGuinness occurred when he was questioned by the Sunday Independent, and he went on to suggest that Sinn Fein should not be allowed to claim ownership of the Northern Ireland Peace Process for the entirety of the election campaign.

 Higgins isn’t alone in his apparent outrage at McGuinness running for Irish Presidency; the family of Garda Michael Clerkin who was killed by an IRA bomb on the Laois- Offaly border 35 years ago are also appalled saying that McGuinness “has a nerve”. Despite there being obvious unease amongst the nation about McGuinness running for the presidential position, the question of why Higgins’ suddenly raised these concerns must be posed.

Is Michael D.’s outburst a last ditch attempt to cause some controversy in what has been an otherwise mostly tame campaign? This statement, coupled with his marijuana admission earlier in the week, suggests that he is trying to inject some ‘juice’ into his image before it’s all over. Yesterday’s Red C Poll results, which were commissioned by the Sunday Business Post, showed that Higgins’ main competitor Sean Gallagher has overtaken him by 12 percentage points in terms of public electorate support. Considering this evident increase in public confidence at Gallagher’s ability to preside over the Republic of Ireland, Higgins will need to take a new approach if he is to succeed in Áras bid.

Higgins’ Marijuana Admission Fails to Deter Voters

Despite revelations by Michael D Higgins that he smoked marijuana in the 1960s when he was a student at Indiana University, he still remains as Paddy Power’s favourite to win the upcoming Presidential Election.

With odds of 2/5 that Higgins will serve the next term as President of Ireland being published today, and with Sean Gallagher being his only real competitor with 5/2 odds, it is evident that Higgins’ drug-taking past hasn’t affected his chance at a shot of residing in Áras an Uachtaráin for the next seven years.

 Higgins has had little cause for concern throughout the entirety of his electoral campaign to date, with little or no ‘scandal’ coming to light which may have jeopardized his presidential quest. While his self-confessed dope-smoking admittance held the potential to destroy his chances of success, Paddy Power’s odds prove that even this was not enough to tarnish his good name.

Higgins was adamant that marijuana was as far as his drug-taking past went, but admitted that his peers dabbled in heavier drugs such as LSD, when questioned by the Irish Independent.

As previously reported, a Red C Poll which was conducted for Paddy Power and published on the 6th of October, showed the Labour candidate needed to do better amongst younger voters. However a survey carried out on almost 2,000 students from the seven universities across the country, indicated that Higgins can rely on the 34% of students intending to vote on election day to back him.

With less than two weeks to go until the next President of Ireland is elected, and with the apparent support of the nation, it now appears that there is little which Higgins can say or do to turn voters against him.