Norris Blasts ‘Betrayal’ of Irish Mortgage Holders

Independent presidential candidate David Norris has this morning spoken out against what he calls the “betrayal” of Irish people through the recent Keane Report on mortgage arrears.

Senator Norris noted how the panel who compiled the report consisted of representatives of the banks and not people from organisations such as New Beginnings, a homeowner’s advocacy group. He described this as a “horrifying example of the government putting the protection of the system… above the protection of the people.”

While making his statement outside Leinster House, Norris held a copy of the Keane Report emblazoned with the word ‘Betrayal’.

During his speech, Norris stated “A vote for me is a vote for democracy” and claimed to be the only genuine independent candidate in the election race as he has “never been part of a political party [or] been appointed to a state board”. He denied making such comments was a slur on other independent candidates such as Seán Gallagher, whose links with Fianna Fáil were a recent source of contention, and Mary Davis, who has sat on a number of state boards.

Despite fluctuations in his support, a recent Metro Poll gave him 39% of the vote while the latest Red C poll indicated he garnered just 7%, the senator is optimistic he will poll strongly on 27th October, insisting  “I intend to fight on behalf of all people of Ireland.”