‘Liveline’ Broadcasts Controversial Norris-Burke Interview

RTÉ Radio’s ‘Liveline’ programme has today broadcast a recording of the controversial 2002 interview between Independent presidential candidate David Norris and journalist Helen Lucy Burke.

Excerpts from the interview later appeared in an article in Magill magazine where Norris was quoted as saying there was “something to be said” for “classic paedophilia”. He also spoke of the confusion many people hold regarding the distinction between paedophilia and pederasty.

Senator Norris maintains the comments were taken out of context.

A spokesperson for Norris’s presidential campaign believes the tape is part of a “concerted effort by certain people” to damage his bid for the presidency. They stated that Norris was “not worried” about the broadcast, adding that “his track record speaks for itself”.

The programme can be listened to here.